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Once we have completed the Hand Analysis process we work closely with clients to help determine their Life Purpose and how best for them to get on a path towards reaching their maximum potential which includes a strategy to get them focused on the business they should be in, what they stand for, their unique brilliance.

Accepting the advice of a Life or Business Coach is not a sign of weakness – for those who are serious about living their life to the fullest we find engaging a coach has the following benefits.

  • Increased productivity
  • Experience fresh perspectives on personal challenges and opportunities
  • Enhanced thinking and decision making skills
  • Enhanced interpersonal effectiveness
  • Clear strategic map for success
  • Increased confidence in carrying out your chosen work and life roles

There are many steps to engaging a coach, the first being to contact a coach for a discovery session to determine the outcome that you want to achieve in your time together or whether you resonate. Then determine a schedule of sessions that suits giving you time to take action and can be held accountable.

It has been proven that it is best to engage a coach for at least 6 months in order to really see effective results depending on commitment and mindset.

The Elmz Consultancy offers packages that are designed to suit each individuals needs and requirements.

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