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The Elmz Consultancy was founded by Thelma Patmorre, an Life Coach and IIHA Certified Hand Analyst, as a way to connect her unique insight and wisdom with those who will benefit from it. She works as a constructive spiritual force in the lives of those who seek her counsel. Through specialized analysis and coaching, she helps her clients to understand their potential, strengths and Life Purpose. Once these aspects are understood, Thelma then guides her clients towards the path to living their full potential and the contentment and inner peace that comes with it.





 Scientific Hand Analysis:

One of The Elmz’s key methodologies to determine client’s Life Purpose is Scientific Hand Analysis. Here are some facts and history about this ancient analytical science.

  • Hand analysis is a combination of ancient palmistry, the latest scientific data and current advances in human psychology and philosophy
  • Palmistry as a form of divination emerged in India and China over 5,000 to 10,000 years ago
  • Hand analysis is not predictive (We can’t tell you how many children you’re going to have or when you’re going to meet that tall, dark stranger!)
  • Hand analysis does not require psychic ability
  • Hand analysis is a repeatable system, based upon thousands of hands studied

What Are the Benefits of Hand Analysis?

Hand analysis helps you to:

  • Know your Life Purpose and live it
  • Know your Life Lesson and learn from it
  • Create financial security by living your Life Purpose
  • Manifest specific dreams and goals
  • Understand your career path and how to step into it
  • Understand and nurture your romantic and business relationship issues and heal them
  • Uncover your body’s optimum stamina level and maintain it
  • Discover greater compassion for yourself and others
  • Deepen your spiritual connection and discover grace
  • Increase your own intuition and self-confidence

If you would like a Hand Analysis Reading, Business Strategy Coaching or attend a workshop, contact Thelma:

e-mail – thelma.patmorre@gmail.com

WhatsApp: +852 54906800

We can work with you remotely – details will be sent to you of how you can receive your palm printing kit.



“Before having my hand analysis, I admit I was a skeptic. Yet I pursued it because I was intrigued by what others were saying and by what Thelma was able to accurately tell me about myself in just a few minutes studying my hands. I had already done various other archetypal and personality-type work and I was curious to discover what a full-on hand analysis would tell me that was different and, more importantly, useful in terms of helping me live into the fullest expression of my purpose and potential.

What a treat! Thelma is clearly brilliant and passionate about her work and is masterful at translating her remarkably illuminating findings into practical application so that I am now pulled forward on a daily basis by my Life Purpose while tending to my Life Lesson. I found it extremely validating in that I am on track with my Life Purpose and even giving myself full permission to jump into it with both feet. I’m also more aware of my personal obstacles and am able to be mindful and at choice rather than stuck in patterns that don’t serve me. Perhaps the biggest shift for me…trusting my Self, my intuition and my dreams. Thank you, Thelma!”

Dinah Snow

Empowered Pricing Expert, Certified Money, Marketing and Soul ® Coach

President-Elect, International Coach Federation-CO


“It was great to have Thelma read my palms and prints. She is so obviously passionate about helping people understand themselves.

Although she didn’t know me, she came up with very accurate information about my personality. More importantly, she was able to help me become clearer about my purpose in life.

This was not about predicting my future, but rather helping me discover and clarify my potential.

Thelma told me you what she saw, in a direct, yet caring way.

I walked away with a clear and powerful message that I can use in my big life decisions.

I am so grateful!


Véronique HAVREHED 蔚红

Professional Trainer of Effective Communication, Cross-Cultural Understanding, & Time Management


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